Embodiment Coaching

Come Home to Your Body.  Come Home to Your Life.

Our body is our closest companion for life.  No matter where we go, our body is with us, gifting us with life itself.  Our body calls us home to the moment, shows us where we are unconscious,  teaches us about boundaries and power, speaks to us of embracing beauty, magic, pleasure and love.

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When awakening the sacred body, our body becomes a window into our soul’s longing, wisdom and vibrancy.  Through embodiment we reunite with the wild sacred feminine, the divine essence of Shakti that lives within us and animates the entire universe.  By coming home to our body we return to our center where flows a vibrant river of life that nourishes, energizes and empowers us, even as it gifts us with peace, assurance and calmness.  Embodiment is a radical act of self love and commitment to living a nothing held back, heart open awakened life. Do you feel shame about your body, disconnected from her needs and desires? Would you like to learn to listen to your body wisdom and deepen your understanding of her unique language? Do you long to be at home in your body in all her ages, stages and forms? Do you desire to awaken your sensuality and sexuality? Would you like to be more present with yourself and others? It is truly my honor and deepest pleasure to mentor others in Embodiment.  The past 15 years I have dedicated to my own embodiment and leading others towards theirs.  What an absolute joy it is to see others come home to themselves. What is Embodiment?  Embodiment is the ability to take in, experience, and express life completely through all of who we are:  our physical, emotional, mental, energetic and thinking bodies, as well as our unique soul and the internal presence of the universal Spirit.
A naked woman sitting on the beach facing away from camera, words I AM Here on her back loving the body as it is and embodying the wild sacred feminine

“I Am Here” by Emma McEvoy

The result of embodiment is a profound deepening of:

  • Presence and connection with the self and with others.
  • Intuitive knowing and wisdom.
  • Trust in self and in divine source.
  • Remembering we are not separate from nature, nor in nature, but that we and nature are one.
  • Pleasure and ability to see the beauty in life.
  • Connection to the internal unique essence, the Soul and Spirit, our connecting with the Divine.

Come Home to Your Body.
Come Home to Your Life.

Learn to hear and trust your body wisdom.
Uncover healing stories living within you.
Connect with the Divine through your sacred temple.
Grow to love your body.
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