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Dreaming by Gestandene

What is Dreamwork?

Dreams are powerful portals to our healing and awakening.  Within spontaneous night dreams or facilitated dreaming we receive signs, symbols, images and experiences that guide the way to our wholeness.

Dreams are living poetry, gift offerings from the inner and outer Divine that invite us to remember our unique soul essence and our sacred interconnection with all of life.

As courageous explorers of our dreamscapes, we embark upon a journey into a wild, untamable wilderness. There we discover our inner knowing interwoven with the ancient collective wisdom of the ages.

To receive the wisdom of our dreams, we engage in the art of Dreamwork.

Dreamwork is a powerful healing modality and spiritual practice in and of itself.  Through Dreamwork, we relearn to speak the soul’s language in all of its naturalness, potentiality, expansiveness and creativity.

As we reconnect with our soul’s wisdom, not only do we immerse in the immense field of healing energy available to us, we strengthen our capacity for continuous intuition, resulting in the awakening and elevation of our consciousness as well as the consequent evolution of this planet.

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Woman Water Dreaming – Artist Unknown

Utilize the exponential power of working with a Dreamworker or in a Dreamwork Circle

While solitary Dreamwork can be powerful by itself, shared Dreamwork in private one one one sessions with a Dreamworker or in group Dreamwork Courses or Circles is exponentially transformational.   In shared Dreamwork, a potent container is created where the dreamer is honored as the true knower of their dreams.  With curiosity, respect and mirroring, the dreamer is empowered to set the pacing and depth of their exploration.  Dreamwork then becomes safe, healing waters where a dreamer can slowly wade in or deep dive to retrieve the pearls of wisdom from their dreams.

If you are ready to harness the transformational power and wisdom of your dreams, enter one of the two portals below.
Your dreams are waiting…
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  • Understand the language of your own dreams.
  • Grow an empowered  relationship with your dreams.
  • Remember and reclaim your soul’s desire and purpose.
  • Gain insight, clarity and confidence in your life path.

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  • Learn to speak the metaphorical language of dreams.
  • Discover how to use dreams for growth and insight.
  • Develop a basic understanding of how to interpret your dreams.
  • Practice the Art of Dreamwork in an intimate community of like minded dreamers.
A black and white profile self portrait of Toi Lynn Wyle exploring What is DreamworkAbout the Dreamworker:

It has been my honor and deepest delight to be a midwife of the soul over the past 31 years. I bring into our Dreamwork my background as a Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, trained and seasoned in the healing arts of Shamanic Guidance and Dream Analysis.  For the past 10 years I have delved deeply into my own studies and practices of Buddhism, Sufism, and Jungian & Archetypal Psychologies.

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