Transitions Coaching

Change is the one constant.  No matter if we experience the change as an adventure or a time of painful loss, transitioning to the next phase of life is a time of potentiality and possibility.

While we don’t control our lives or create our reality, we control how we respond to what life brings us.  In this sense, we create our reality by consciously choosing how we respond to what is real for us in any given moment.  These liminal spaces are thresholds where we can pause to consciously choose how to step into our future, with what attitude and point of view we claim for ourselves.

woman standing on road symbolizing transition life coaching

Image by Brooke Cagle

By slowing down to observe the now and contemplate your future with curiosity and openness, transitions can become nourishing places of temenos, sacred ground set aside for your wholing and awakening.

Is Transition Life Coaching for You?

Have you entered or left a serious relationship, or recently become married or divorced?
Have you become a new parent or are you an older parent who has just launched your child into adulthood?
Have you made a major geographic move?
Are you in career transition?
Have you recently gained or lost a new identity, role or major way of being in the world?
Have you experienced a loss, and are now asking “what is next?”

As someone purposefully leaps into the mystery of my own life, I would love to walk beside you as you explore this place of possibility. It is my hearts desire and true honor to offer clear reflection, guidance and support you as you journey from where you are to where you long to be.

transition life coachingIn Transitions Coaching we will cocreate a potent space where you will:

  • Gain a fresh lay of the land from where you are standing
  • Design what you are longing to grow in your life
  • Weed out the habits and stories that prevent you from thriving
  • Nourish and grow the life you desire

Create the Life You Desire!

At the crossroads of change comes great opportunity.
Consciously choose where you are going next.
Find clarity and create the life you desire.

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