Essence Coaching

A Woman curled up underground with tree sprouting new growth above her representing transformation life coaching

The Dreaming Tree by Christian Schloe

You are Unique

You were born with a unique essence, a bija or seed sound of pure expression encoded within your being. Your essence waits to be activated in the right time, like the seed of a flower that sleeps under the cold soil until warmth, water and nutrients call it forth to eventually blossom under the sun.

Awaken the Seed of You

When you tap into the Seed of You, you experience a calm and quiet inner presence and a deepening of trust in your intuition.  You no longer look outside for answers, but move from your womb wisdom and heart knowing.  You activate within you the Wise Woman and Sage.

Embody Your Essence

When you embody your essence, it’s as if you finally come home to your body temple.  You take in and experience life through all your senses, growing a nourishing connection between the interior spaces of you and the exterior world.  From this safe place of belonging, you remember your wildish nature, and reclaim your instinctual sensuality and sexuality.

Honor Your Soul’s Expression

When you enter into your soul’s expression you feel aligned with your values and beliefs, free from proscribed rules and roles that are not your own.   Rooted in the solid earth of your truth and connected to your power and voice, you cultivate a life of clear commitment, authenticity, integrity and impeccability.  Far from feeling constrained by your internal solidity, you flow through your life with freedom, flexibility, effortless ease and joy.

As a Soul Midwife I am ready to walk beside you as you respond to the awakening of your essence and embark on the journey home to yourself. I do this as an expression of my unique essence, with my life purpose to cultivate a healing and awakening field of experiences for others. I offer my soul’s calling to you with joy, ease and a wide open heart. How blessed we are to be in these transformational times together!

In Essence Coaching I will be your Soul’s Attendant as we journey to:
  • torso of a woman with blossoming flowers for chakras symbolizing transformation life coaching

    Inner Blooming, Artist Unknown

    Unearth and shine the light on beliefs that block the emergence of your fullest expression.

  • Rewrite outdated, toxic, victim based stories of your past to ones that bring healing, clarity and empowerment.
  • Reveal and activate your Bija Mantra, your seed essence for how you long to express yourself in your relationships, work and life.
  • Establish daily practices and habits that nourish, animate and energize your healing and awakening.
This Deep Dive rich with soul food package includes:
  • Pre-Sessions In-depth Questionnaire designed to begin the unearthing process.
  • Initial 2 hour Intake Session.
  • 1 Personalized Activation Ceremony, a potent process where you will reunite with your inner Wise Woman, meet your supportive guides and receive healing/empowering symbols, mantras (sounds), mudras (gestures), asanas (postures), colors scents and an Essence Coaching Name.
  • 2 Essence Coaching Sessions per month for 3 months (for a total of 6 sessions)
  • 1 Personalized Celebration Ceremony to seal and further charge the activation of your Essence.
  • In-between text and/or email checkins.
  • A personalized wrist mala and anointing oil to support you over the course of our collaboration and beyond.

Investment in Yourself:  $1,490
or 4 monthly payments at $395 (value of $2,000 of individual sessions)

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