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I look forward to working with you.
Next Steps:

First:  If you have not done so, I invite you to head over to the FAQs page section about Coaching.  There you will find information about my coaching philosophy and process.

Second:  To get a jumpstart on our work and utilize our coaching time more efficiently, please fill out the Coaching Intake & Baseline Agreement below.  Simple download the editable document and return to me as an email attachment at least 24 hours before our first session.

Third:  Give me a call or text me at 415-235-5481, or email me at to book your session.  Please note that at this time I am often booked solid a few weeks out.  Occasionally I can accommodate you with a  last minute session.

Fourth:  Below is an optional Pre-Session Organizer Template for you to send to me before each session.

Finally, if you are interested in deepening your work beyond our coaching sessions, here are a few options within our Wild Sacred Awakening Community:

To learn how to use Dreamwork to change your life and sit in a circle of fellow Dreamers, I invite you to join us online for The Art of Dreamwork Course.

To learn the basics of Meditation and develop a strong meditation practice that fits you, I invite you to join us online for  The Art of Meditation Course.

To learn how to be completely present in your body and life, and to develop a growing relationship with your inner wisdom, intuition, natural state of being and basic awareness, I invite you to join us online for The Art of Embodiment Course.

And to join us for an in-person retreat focusing on Yoga & Meditation, Dreamwork or Embodiment, see our In-Person Retreats Offerings. 

Coaching Intake & Baseline Agreement

Pre-Session Organizer Template