Empowerment Coaching

Now more than ever, we women are being called into our power.  True power is not as we have seen in our world, a lording over or abusing of another.  Abusive power is fear manifesting in the world; It lays waste all that is beautiful and good.

We, as women and representatives of the Feminine Divine, are being called to claim our inherent gifts and rightful place as equals in order to restore balance, health and beauty to this planet.

Warrioress riding bear representing life coach for empowerment

Art by Jamie Mitchell

What is feminine power?

Feminine power is:

  • The ability to move from the inside out, from inner intuition and deep knowing, with integrity, impeccability and grace.
  • Love manifesting; It creates, protects and champions life.
  • The fierce mother bear guarding, nurturing and guiding life on this planet as she passes on her wisdom to the younger generation.
  • A woman being in her Queen, in her own sovereignty, never above another or below.
  • A woman being the Heroine of her own life, taking the journey to discover her unique place and purpose in the world.
  • Warrioress Durga taking action to transform internally and externally that which no longer benefits self or other into what serves the highest good of all.

Water Goddess by Averie Woodard

When a Woman is Empowered, She:

  • Feels at home within her body and moves through the world with presence and confidence.
  • Feels at home on this earth, knowing that she belongs and that she matters.  
  • Uses her voice to ask for what she needs, speak her truth and communicate with conscious clarity.
  • Has healthy energetic and relational boundaries.
  • Is connected to her emotional world
  • Is comfortable with not knowing, even as she is deeply connected to what she does know.  No matter her age, she is continuously cultivating a relationship with her inner Wise Woman and Crone.
  • Is open hearted, open minded and trusting, because she has clear boundaries and clear eyes of discernment.
  • Has released outdated rules, roles, relationships, habits and beliefs that no longer serve her.
When a Woman is Empowered, She has rewritten her life story from one of Victim or Martyr to embodying the archetypes of Warrioress, Heroine and Queen.


Reclaim your voice, wisdom & power.
Explore relational and energetic boundaries.
Discover your Heroine story.
Access your courage, your inner Warrioress and Queen.
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