The Wild Sacred Shop

The Wild Sacred Shop is dedicated to honoring Mother Earth and all Her gifts, as well as the spiritual explorers and rebels who travel the unmapped roads to self discovery and awakening. 

All our oils are ethically sourced, therapeutic grade, and whenever possible, organic. 

Each blend is originally designed with care given to traditional uses of each oil, aromatherapeutic impact and intention.  Blends contain supportive crystals.  All our offerings are cleansed with Reiki, and blessed with the breath of life (Ha) and the sacred energy (Mana) of the island.

~ Sacred essential oils for ritual, meditation, prayer, yoga, smudging, anointing, chakra clearing, lucid dreaming and divination.

~ Supportive aromatherapy blends for sleep and emotional support

~ The highest quality single notes for you to use individually or create your own blends. 

Want a Custom order?  Don’t hesitate to ask.

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Smudging Sprays & Tools

Single Notes

Chakra Oils (Unisex)

Animal Totem Oils (Unisex)

Anointing Oils for Women

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