The Art of Dreamwork Course

Welcome, Dreamer.  Here you will learn more about the online dream interpretation training:  The Art of Dreamwork.

Do you want to understand the language of Dreaming?
Are you wanting to grow your relationship with your wildish nature, wisdom and intuition?
Are you feeling the call to expand your understanding of yourself, your relationships and your place in this world?
Are you yearning for a life of more meaning, awareness, connection and purpose?
Are you seeking a tribe of like-minded souls where you can safely be witnessed and held as you dive deeper into your healing and awakening?

Woman gaing at clouds with superimposed images of nature over her body representing dream interpretation training

“Summer Dreaming” by Catrin Welz-Stein

This Overview course will give you all the basic tools you need for creating an inspiring groundwork in the arts of Dreamtending,  Active Dreaming, Dreamwork and Dreamcircles.

In this 4 week long immersion into dream exploration we will:

Develop a working knowledge of dreams and dreaming basics:

• Review the types, purposes and levels of dreams.
• Grow your ability in Dreamtending, enhancing dreaming and dream recall.
• Discover of the purpose and role dreaming has in your journey to wholeness.

Learn to speak the language of dreams:

• Deepen your understanding of Metaphor and Symbolism.
• Learn how to see and work with Synchronicity.
• Gain insight into the powerful process of Projection, and the role it plays individual and collective elevation of consciousness.

Learn how to use your dreams for personal insight and growth:

• Unearth the Archetypes and personal myths arising in your dreams and discover how to transform them into stories of meaning, empowerment and renewal.
• Delve into connecting with your Ancestors, Spiritual Guides and Animal Guides in Dreamtime, and how to access their guidance in Dream Re-entry and Shamanic Dreaming.
• Strengthen your collaborative, co-creative partnership to the Dream Maker and learn how to Seed Dreams for guidance and inspiration.
• Explore the dynamic tools of Dream Reentry, Shamanic Dreaming and Lucid Dreaming.
• Expand the healing and awakening capacity of spontaneous night dreaming into your daily life.

Practice the art of Dreamwork in an intimate community of dreamers:

• Learn how to hold sacred space of reflection for others exploring their dreams.
• Practice the powerful processes of mirroring, inquiry, witnessing and speaking from empty presence.
• Play a role in intentional community that empowers each member to claim their own unique voice and embody their truth in their daily life.
• Delve into how to use dreaming as a tool for social change and human evolution.
• Remember and heal the connection between yourself, other humans, the collective of life and Earth itself.

How does this work?  The Art of Dreamwork 4-week Immersion will include:

Colorful woman in dreaming state with image of circle of women in her womb representing dream interpretation training

“Sacred Circle”by Desere Pressey

At the beginning of each week, you’ll receive an email containing tools for the week’s Dreamwork:

  • An audio or video greeting, along with an introduction to the week’s topic of focus.
  • A PDF providing essential key information for the week.
  • A worksheet of sample dreams in which to practice your growing knowledge.
  • A guided visualization to assist you in Deepening into your Dreamwork experience.

At the end of each week, you’ll receive an email containing Journaling prompts.

For community and support during the course, you’ll also get:

  • A secret Facebook communal gathering space to explore questions about Dreamwork, as well as share and explore actual dreams in a safe, clear and supportive virtual Dream Circle.
  • Weekly live group conversations facilitated on our Facebook Page.

Ready to Learn the Life Changing art of Dreamwork?!

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