Sacral Chakra Healing – Balance Your Sacral Chakra MP3

2nd chakraTheme: Sacral Chakra Healing
44 mins.
File Type: MP3

This is a 44 minute guided meditation for Sacral Chakra Healing to assist you in opening, clearing and strengthening the 2nd Chakra.

In Part 1, the introduction, I instruct you on the basic qualities of this chakra when it is open and when it is closed, as well as provide you useful sounds, gestures, postures, crystals and essential oils to use when doing this work.

In Part 2, I’ll first connect you to your energy body, focusing in particular on the 2nd Chakra, also called the Svadhisthana.
As water is the element connected to this chakra, I’ll then lead you through a nourishing and cleansing ritual in a sacred pool filled with the healing light of the Divine Feminine, Shakti. Throughout the meditation I use guided imagery, breath, gestures, sounds and affirmations to open, clear and strengthen the Sacral Chakra.

Use this sacral chakra healing meditation to:

  1. Learn about the 2nd Chakra, called the Svadhisthana
  2. Understand the qualities of an open and a closed Sacral Chakra
  3. Learn how to use sound, postures, movements and gestures for Healing the Sacral Chakra
  4. Learn about recommended essential oils, colors and crystals to assist in the Sacral Chakra Activation
  5. Heal, Strengthen, Cleanse and Open Your Sacral Chakra
  6. Practice gestures (Mudras) and sounds (mantras) to deepen the healing of your 2nd chakra.
  7. ‘Practice breathing that will deepen the healing of the Svadhasthana chakra.