Opening Chakras For beginners – Chakras, Kundalini Energy & The Energy Body

Theme: Chakras
Time: 15 mins.
File Type: MP3

This is a brief talk addressing the questions many of my new students and clients have about the energy body, including the chakras, kundalini and the process of opening chakras for beginners.


Themes explored in this talk are:

1. What is the Energy Body?
2. What are Chakras?
3. What is Kundalini?
4. A brief overview of the 7 major chakras, including their Sanskrit names, element, color and purpose.

Where I Recorded this Audio:
I recorded this while sitting in a light rain as I overlooked the Big Basin National Forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California. Picture deep green Douglas Fir covered mountains in the distance, and sensuous fog moving slowly between the peaks. This is from my heart to yours, with a wish for women and men alike to awaken to reclaim respect, compassion and care for all that lives on this earth.