Embodied Awareness: A Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Self Awareness

Theme: Embodiment
16 mins.
File Type: MP3

This is a Guided mindfulness meditation for Self Awareness and exploration of Embodied Stories. Embodied stories are messages that your body is constantly sending you about what you need or desire, what is a “yes” or “no” for you, or a truth you hold that your conscious mind has not yet been able to comprehend. Your body, like your dreams and like nature, speaks in metaphor. Learning to listen and speak this metaphorical language is a powerful lifelong tool that truly can change your life. In this, your body will become your most constant companion and wise guide always ready to point you in the right direction in your life.

Use this guided mindfulness meditation to learn:
1. How to access intuition.
2. How to connect to creativity.
3. And how to find messages from divine in body and in nature around you.

Where I Recorded This:
I recorded this in the Los Altos Hills of Northern California while sat under a blossoming tree filled with bees, near a pond surrounded by birds of all kinds. The occasional dragonfly and butterfly appeared. It was one of those moments I’ll never forget where I felt contentment and possibility for my life to come. I hope take as much joy from those background nature sounds as I did.

My wish for you is to grow a loving co-creative relationship with your body, and a renewal of self-honoring for this powerful, perfectly imperfect portal to living an awakened life.