Guided Breathing Meditation – Breathing With All Your Senses


Guided breathing Meditation

Theme: Breathing
25 mins.
File Type: MP3

This is a relaxing guided breathing meditation to facilitate Breathing with All of Your Senses. This breath awareness practice is a full body exploration of the breath with all of your senses. Developing a respectful and nourishing with the breath in this way will positively impact your relationship with your body and the rest of your life. Embodied breathing leads to embodied living. Embodied living is experiencing life THROUGH you, through ALL of you, resulting in you living fully awake, fully alive, fully engaged with yourself, others and every aspect of your life.

Use this guided breathing meditation to:
1. Deepen your awareness of the breath and its impacts on your body.
2. Practice abdominal breathing.
3. Engage all the senses.
4. Connect to your sensuality.
5. Practice embodiment.
6. Grow your relationship with yourself.