Cutting Energy Cord – Cleansing The Negative Energy of Others

Theme: Cleansing Negative Energy
44 mins.
File Type: MP3

This is a guided meditation to assist you in releasing and cleansing the negative energies of others. I first lead you through a grounding process, then a releasing ritual, followed by cutting energy cords.

Energy workers and massage therapists know that if they don’t cleanse their energy bodies after they work, they will carry pieces of energy from another. To release negative energy or a connection that has become stuck, it’s most helpful to name and release the energies that are no longer yours to hold, and to do a de-cording process.
And since what we put out there comes back to us, a releasing process done with love instead of hate, or compassion instead of fear, only calls in more love to you.

If you would like to hear a brief explanation of the concepts I address in this video, such as swallowing others pain and quantum entanglement, please see my other video: Cutting Energy Cords – Cleansing Negative Energy of Others Part 1 of 2

I highly recommend to prepare:

  1. That you give yourself plenty of time before, during and after the video to integrate your entire experience.
  2. My clients have often found that it is most useful to keep a journal handy to jot down at the conclusion of the guided meditation anything they want to remember from their journey.
  3. Instead of journaling, some people are more visual or kinesthetically oriented, and prefer to draw, color or paint their journey, which can be quite cathartic and integrate their experience.
  4. And finally, it helps to smudge or cleans the energy in your space. I’ll be having a video up soon sharing how to do this. Meanwhile, burning white sage or cedar, or misting your journey area with an essential oil spray are just a few examples of how to clear negative energy.
  5. Light a candle or burning incense is another way to signify to yourself that this is a sacred moment.