Awakening The Senses: A Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Awakening Senses

Theme: Mindfulness Meditation
16 mins.
File Type: MP3

This is a guided meditation on awakening the senses.
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Imagine moving through your life with all your senses awake and connected. It would be like stepping from black and white into full living color. This Guided Mindfulness Meditation will give you a tool you can use over and over again to call yourself completely into the moment, into your body. The experience of living life in a fully awake state which is what we call Embodiment.

Repeat this recording as many times as you desire, and you will find yourself experiencing more presence, centeredness and gratitude.

By the way, I recorded this video in an early morning while sitting beneath a redwood tree in the Santa Cruz Mountains south of the San Francisco Bay Area in California. You’ll hear soft wind in the trees, and occasional birdsong. May listening this recording feed your senses as much as it fed mine making it.