Awakening Woman Application

Dear Sister,

We are SO delighted you are applying for our Awakening Woman Program.  What a powerful journey this will be for you!

Here are your Next Steps:

Step 1:  Review the Program Details, Pricing and FAQs on this page so that you'll have all the information you need for a well informed choice (always a good practice in personal empowerment!).

Step 2:  Fill out the The Awakening Woman Application below.

Step 3:  Schedule your Heart Conversation with Skye Toi Lynn Wyle here or through the gold button "Schedule Appointment" located below.

Step 4:  If you haven't already done so, before we meet I recommend you watch Awakening Woman Retreat: 7 Codes to Awakening.

Step 5:  And finally, if you want to be held in a circle of women wherever you are in your journey, join us in the Wild Sacred Sisterhood.

So looking forward to walking this Wild & Sacred path with you.

Much love,

Skye Toi Lynn

Fill out my online form.
TRIBE Investment:

One Payment:  $5,888 
4 Recurring Payments:  $1588

Here is What You Get...

Group Coaching

Tribe is a 12 month immersion into the wild & sacred awakening path.

Tribe is a potent container of life changing support blending weekly core offerings, 1:1 mentorship, group coaching, live lodge gatherings, a virtual always-open meeting space, free enrollment in our virtual immersions and retreats, and access to Skye Toi Lynn.

  • The 13 Moons of Welcome Video/Theme Bundles.
  • Weekly Audio/Video/Written Guidance in Sacred Technologies.
  • Monthly Live Ritual Gatherings.
  • Private Facebook Circle, a tribe to walk with you wherever you are in your journey. 
  • Monthly 50-min 1:1 Mentorship calls (12 total) will keep you solidly on your path as you are expertly witnessed, challenged and encouraged.
  • Weekly virtual 2-hr group coaching gatherings  (52 total) will provide a safe, powerful and loving circle of support from Skye and other women in the program.
  • Invitation AND Free Enrollment in any virtual Retreat or Immersion offered during the duration of your program.
  • Access to Skye Toi Lynn via Email.

    WINGS Investment:

    One Payment:  $3,888 
     4 Recurring Payments:  $1080

    Here is What You Get...

    1:1 Mentorship

    Wings is 4-month deep dive Mentorship with Skye Toi Lynn.

    Wings offers an intensive mentorship to accelerate your initiatory journey.  As a bonus, we'll also offer you 4 months of access to Tribe.

    If you've longed for a seasoned, open hearted and strong woman to walk the path with you in a focused partnership for your becoming, this is for You.


    3 Monthly 50-min 1:1 Mentorship calls for each of the 4 months ( 12 total)


    Quick Access to Skye Toi Lynn via Voxer. 


    4 Months of Everything offered in Group Coaching Program Tribe:

    • Weekly virtual 2-hr group coaching gatherings  (17 total)
    • Welcome Video/Theme Bundles each New Moon cycle.
    • Weekly Audio/Video/Written Guidance in Sacred Technologies.
    • Monthly Lodge Gatherings.
    • Secret Facebook Circle
    • Invitation AND Free Enrollment in any virtual Retreat or Immersion during the duration of your Wings Mentorship.
    • Access to Skye Toi Lynn via Email

        ROOTS Investment:

        One Payment:  $1,888 
        4 Recurring Payments:  $508

        Here is What You Get...

        Online Lodge & Teachings (No Coaching)

        Roots is a 12 month online journey into your awakening.

        Roots utilizes the exact same Core Offerings as the Tribe and Wings Programs, but does not include the Coaching/Mentoring calls 0r Free Enrollment in Virtual Retreats and Immersions.

        • The 13 Moons of Welcome Video/Theme Bundles.
        • Weekly Audio/Video/Written Guidance in Sacred Technologies.
        • Monthly Lodge Gatherings.
        • Secret Facebook Circle.
        • Access to Skye Toi Lynn via Email.


          What kind of program is this?

          Awakening Woman is a body-mind-spirit journey over the course of 13 Moon cycles to unearth and activate 13 Feminine Archetypes that lead to radical self love and embodied living.  Far from being a simple course, we interweave ancient sacred technologies and ritual with coaching, mentorship and community to create a truly potent container for your fullest becoming.

          Embarking upon this journey is making a commitment to yourself, and to your awakening.  In itself, this program is a radical act of self love.  Even as you do this for You, this course will trigger waves of healing that will flow through other people in your life, as well as the collective.  When we do this healing work, we also heal the wounds of our ancestors, and stop the wound from continuing into future generations.

          Who will most benefit from this program?

          This program is right for those longing for radical self love and transformation.  This is not an easy or comfortable path, but is deeply nourishing and healing for all levels of your being.  You will be safely held, lovingly challenged and unconditionally supported all along the way to break through old patterns of thought and behavior as you restructure new, empowering ways of being.

          Who is not right for this program?

          This is not a course or training.  This is so much more than a course or training.  This is a transformational path.  Also, while you will be deeply immersed in your own transformational experience, you will not receive a certification to offer these sacred technologies to others.

          It is not a spiritual path. We work with spiritual practices and philosophies from a variety of sources, believing that many paths lead to the One.

          It is not a substitute for therapy or medical treatment.  If you have mental disabilities, depression, suicidal thoughts or episodes or are in therapeutic treatment, this program is not right for you.

          Can I join at any time?

          Yes.  While our live Lodge gatherings follow the cycles of the moon and seasons, you begin the program from the root of it, the Month 1, Week 1, and move up from there.  This itself is supportive, in that you have sisters ahead of you on the path cheering you on, and you become a source of support and wisdom for the sisters to follow

          How do I join?

          Please follow the 5 steps detailed at the top of this page.

          I feel nervous about spending this money on myself.  

          We understand!  Money calls up all sorts of questions around worthiness, abundance and self care.  One mantra that I invite you to ponder is "Caring for myself allows me to care for others."  Another is "My self love invites others to be more self loving" or "I am completely worthy of living an abundant life."

          Money is an exchange of energy.  It is an energetic investment in yourself, your future, your family and this earth.  In this program, you'll receive deep, transformational and life long impactful support.  You are so worth it!

          Here is what I recommend that you do:

          • In a private quiet space, stand with your feet hip width apart, and place a hand on your lower belly and a hand on your heart.
          • Close your eyes.
          • Take several slow, deep, soothing breaths, breathing all the way down through your hips and to the bottom of your feet, and all the way up through the top of your head.
          • Imagine your feet growing red roots down into Mother Earth.
          • Feel how you are held in unconditional love.
          • Imagine a crown of golden light on your head that extends up into the stars.
          • Feel how you are connected to light, love, stars.
          • Now ask yourself  "Is this right for me?"  and then listen.
          • Listen to how your whole body feels in response.
          • Keep coming back to your body and breath.
          • Keep feeling the love from Mother Earth and the Stars.
          • Trust the wisdom that arises in you.

          What is your refund policy?

          We truly want you to be satisfied.  If within the first moon cycle of your commitment you find this is not right for you, we will refund you the full amount of the program minus a $500 deposit.

          Is my membership transferable?

          Your membership is not transferable to another person.  However, we do offer gift certificates for friends.

          What happens if I violate the Wild Sacred Awakening Guidelines for Ethics and Participation?  

          If you participate in shaming, bullying, victimization or drama, you will be removed from the program without refund.  We will notify you ahead of time.  We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone not deemed appropriate for the community.