Aloha and Namaste’.  I’m Toi Lynn, a Soul Midwife, Dream Doula, Warrioress of the Heart, Spiritual Rebel, Earth Mother and Emissary to the Awakening Divine Feminine.

Bio Picture of Toi Lynn Wyle Ambassador to the Awakening Divine Feminine

In down to earth lingo, I’m a licensed Psychotherapist as well as an Intuitive Personal Life Coach, certified as a Hypnotherapist, Clarity Breathwork Therapist and Yoga Teacher.  I’m also a Meditation Teacher, Dreamworker, Embodiment Practitioner, Shamanic Guide, Earth Medicine Teacher and Writer.

I’ve been leading others on their path to healing and awakening for over 31 years, facilitating women’s circles for the past 25 years, and teaching yoga and meditation for 15 years.  Back in 2003, I and partner, now husband Jordan, opened and ran a large yoga and healing arts center that served thousands of students and inspired many of them to become yoga teachers and studio owners themselves.

My Offering To YOU:

I madly, deeply love my work!   And more importantly, love doing this work with You.  I weave all this luscious learning and hard earned experience together, and offer it to You.  You are the reason Wild Sacred Awakening was created. 

This is my mission:

To help you awaken to your wild and a sacred self – to fall in love with yourself, with others, with living and with our Mother Nature – and to take all that is awakened in you out into your families and communities in order to make this world a better place for all of us.

I do this by:

I do this by creating in-person and virtual transformational experiences for individuals and groups weaving together the sacred tools of Yoga, Meditation, Dreamwork, Ritual, Embodiment Practices, Earth Medicine and Explorations of Sacred Mythologies and Archetypes.


I also do this by being my wide open, heart forward, real-deal self.  How can I ask you to live and love your authentic self if I don’t do the same?  I really am WYSIWYG.  What you see is what you get.  I believe that fierce yet compassionate honesty with self, and a removal of all those personas, those layers of accumulated not-you roles and stories, is one of the most healing gifts we can give ourselves and others.  Like you, I’m a seeker, an explorer, a mistake maker and life long learner.  Daily living, to me, is a moment-to-moment dance between embracing my divine nature along with my perfectly imperfect human self.  So much of this spiritual journey is a paradox, a practice in beginner’s mind while embracing internal wisdom, staying humble while claiming voice and power.  What a gift it is to be alive!  And what an honor it is to be on this path, with You.

My Teachers and Inspiration:

I’ve had the honor to study with fellow Soul Midwives Pixie Lighthorse, Sandra Ingerman, Toko-pa Turner, Chameli Ardagh, Elayne Kalila Doughty, Ashanna SolarisDana Darma Devi Delong and Marilyn Gordon.

My deepest inspiration comes from all that is Wild & Sacred….Mother Earth and the Feminine Divine.

I’d love to connect with you.  Just go to my Contact page.

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